Gateway Guiding

Every month we try to get out and about either locally or further afield, to get involved with one of the listed activities. Pricing does not include accommodation as we travel around the usual venues to keep experiencing new locations so this varies slightly, but not travel or food / drinks. We try to take a communal approach to these, so that we can keep it social and efficient! Pricing with an Asterisk * are package prices, so get in touch to find out more!

The same format happens every year, with the occasional ‘extra’ trip thrown in for good measure! So ‘generally speaking’ we run these trips on the same weekend / period of time each year, this allows people to keep it in their diaries and budget for a different trip or repeat trip each year. Within the weekends themselves, we try to visit different places rather than repeat the same thing each year, allowing participants a reason to come back. Along with our company of course!

Prices are course price only, we travel to different locations each year to experience different locations, therefore the layout to the trips vary. Extra costs include food, accommodation and travel!

Can’t make it this season? Then pencil in the usual trip times of the year and get in touch for next season, we try to be regular every year so you can plan to come along annually!